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Thursday, September 1, 2011

Nutella Marshmallow Turnovers

After making the huge batch of marshmallows, I needed something to do with them. Then I came across this recipe. NUTELLA + MARSHMALLOWS + PUFF PASTRY!!! OMG.

So I made them.

And they are amazing.

All you need for this recipe is a package of puff pastry, some marshmallows, a jar of nutella and an egg for the egg wash.

I used an Israeli version of nutella (more cocoa, less hazelnut) that was donated by Karin.
I killed the kosher-ness by adding marshmallows. 

First, take the defrosted puff pastry, unfold it and slice it into squares (either 4 or 9 per sheet). Place a nice dollop of nutella in the middle, plop a marshmallow down, then fold the pastry over. Use a fork to press down on the edges. Don't worry about making it pretty, you won't see the crimping after they bake. Mix the egg with a tablespoon of water (no need to be precise... you just have to be able to spread it) and brush it onto the outside of the turnover. I sprinkled mine with cinnamon and sugar, but plain sugar works well too. Bake at 350 for 18-22 minutes until puffy and golden. Let them cool, then dig in. Or cover in caramel sauce and dig in. Either way.

Before baking. They got a little messy as I used "too much" nutella (which is really impossible to do. It was just a little more than my puff pastry could handle).

After baking. They oozed greatness

Here is the finished product. Covered in caramel. Where did the caramel come from, you ask? Here:

Hell yeah. That's a caramel cake. And also another post.


  1. Hi Amy! This is Vanessa from Dr. Bareholtz's lab. Lauren showed me your blog. I like your style :)

  2. Thanks! I love knowing that people are reading and enjoying my blog.