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Thursday, July 23, 2015

Bibimbap - My First Cooking video!

Long time, No see!

Hello everyone! I am back! 

Sorry for such a long hiatus. I've been so incredibly busy. In biggest news, I completed my PhD! Yep, that's right. This psych-in-the-kitchen girl is a genuine Doctor of Psychology!

But, you are here for the food, right? Right.

In my limited spare time I've been watching episodes of "Korean Made Simple" on the Cooking channel. It talks about traditional Korean dishes and ingredients and shows you how to make Korean food at home.

I decided to try my hand at a Bibimbap dish with beef and vegetables. Bibimbap is a bowl of sticky rice with vegetables, usually a meat, and a runny egg. The ingredients are placed side by side on top of the rice like a pinwheel. They can be enjoyed separately or mixed together like a stir-fry. Its fun because you can add almost anything!

Traditionally, this dish uses an odd number of ingredients. I ended up with 9 in my bowl. You want some raw ingredients, some cooked, some hot, some cold.

Here is a video on how I made my Bibimbap bowl! 

In my bowl:
Sticky Rice (toasted with sesame oil)
Bok Choy, sauteed
Kimche (fermented cabbage)
Broccolini, sauteed
Carrot, julienned
Onion, sliced thin
Sesame Quick Cucumber Pickles
Bean Sprouts